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Witnessing With Email

What is Witnessing?

We believe that all believers are called to witness, and we believe that witnessing means telling others what we have seen, not telling them how we think they should be or why we think we're right and they're wrong. It's about telling your story, literally testifying about what you've seen (witnessed) and putting yourself in position to be asked more about your faith, maybe years down the road.

There are two ways you witness when you use FaithNames email. Actually, it's more like two phases: the "Footer" and the "Witnessing Website"

"Phase 1" - The Footer

Phase 1 is the footer at the bottom of every email you send that includes a scriptural snippet that ties to the domain name in your email address. For example, if you choose "Christ.DiedFor.Us" as the domain for your email (meaning your email address is you@Christ.DiedFor.Us), then every email you send will include this footer at the bottom:

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that
while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8 (NKJV)

Learn more at www.Christ.DiedFor.Us

This footer, for example, includes a clickable live link to Christ.DiedFor.Us, our witnessing website for this topic. Each footer and witnessing website are different. The witnessing website is "Phase 2" of witnessing using FaithNames email. We encourage users to selects the footer and witnessing website that means the most to them. A complete list of our current footers is here. Please review them and consider which message you'd most like to send at the bottom of every email.

"Phase 2" - The Witnessing Website

Any email recipient that clicks on the live link in the footer at the bottom of every email will go to the matching witnessing website for that topic. So if you chose You@Christ.Diedfor.Us as your email address, then each email you send will show the footer above at the bottom, and the live link in that footer will go to www.Christ.DiedFor.Us. Please click here or on www.Christ.DiedFor.Us to see the witnessing website your recipients will see if they click on the link in your email to them.

The footers and their matching witnessing websites are the reason FaithNames was formed. It's not about the email, it's about witnessing to the lost using every available tool, including email.

Please click here to view a summary of all our witnessing websites, and please remember we continue to add to the list.

Other Domains

The example above applies only to email using the domain Christ.DiedFor.Us. If you choose another of our domains, such as (meaning your email address is, then a different footer and different website will display, ones that fit that scripture from Matthew 27:51.



Our domains include   (Isaiah 53:5 & John 19:37)   (Matthew 27:51)   (Hebrews 9:26 & 10:10)
  Christ.DiedFor.Us   (Romans 5:8)   (John 19:30)


More about witnessing and domains

You may notice that we don't offer any domains that might be seen as telling others more about the sender than about the gospel. For example, we don't provide email addresses like or (slight exaggerations of the point) since it's not about Joe or Sharon or showing the world anything about them. We want to provide email addresses that are scriptural yet intriguing to the lost and that relate directly to the message of the gospel. Everything is centered on getting the lost person onto one of the witnessing websites and engaged in a brief presentation of the basics of the gospel.

We have considered domains like but as of now we plan on staying with the domains that are brief phrases like,, etc, since we believe they will be more likely to get clicks from the lost than overt scriptural domains.








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