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Regardless of good intentions, your email still has to be reliable.

FaithNames email is business-grade email operated by one of the largest providers of corporate email in the U.S. The system has been customized for witnessing instead of corporate use. Typical corporate customers pay up to $7 per mailbox per month for the same state-of-the-art system!


  • Mailboxes are now an incredible 10.0 Gigabytes, enough for thousands of photo, video and music files and tens of thousands of text emails

  • State-of-the-art email system with multiple data centers, 24/7 staffing and the highest level of protection available

  • Advanced VirusTrap™ and Spam Intercept™ technology included in all packages to reduce the nuisance of spam and minimize the dangers of viruses

  • Personalize Your Email address and break away from the pack. Say goodbye to being and step up to or one of our other available domains. Your email doesn't have to be generic any more!

  • Very short user names are available - even two-character user names! Your initials or your first name are likely to be available with no extra numbers, no dots and no underlines! Be yourself again!

  • No ads and no pop-ups - FaithNames utilizes a professional business-grade email system customized for witnessing instead of corporate clients. There are no ads in the big leagues!

  • Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell your email address to advertisers and your messages will never be scanned for advertising purposes! Check with your current email provider and see if they can make that promise!

  • Huge 35MB attachments allowed in all packages, both incoming and outgoing, give you the room you need (approximately 25MB before MIME encoding)

  • Full-featured Webmail allows easy access to your account from anywhere there's an internet connection with a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, and includes a Calendar, an RSS reader and PDA compatibility

  • Many more advanced features such as out-of-office and vacation notices, multiple forwards, SSL encryption, blacklist prevention and many more!





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