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About Us

We aren't a church or affiliated with any church, we're just a couple of techies that love the Lord and saw an opportunity to spread the good news of the gospel in a new way.

(Don't worry - your email platform isn't run by a "couple of techies" - the email system is a world-class corporate email platform housed in a state-of-the-art "tier 5" data center. We just came up with the idea of using the advanced corporate email capabilities for spreading the Good News and started FaithNames.)

Our Theology

Since the purpose of FaithNames is to provide the basics of the gospel to the lost, all our witnessing sites and footers will stay focused only on the basics:

- That each of us has sinned in our lives and that this guilt will separate us from God and His righteousness, and that Jesus lived a sinless life and purposefully died to pay the price for our ransom

- That each of us can receive this forgiveness by accepting the gift of salvation on faith and believing that Christ was the Son of God and paid the penalty instead of us, and by expressing this in prayer to God

- And that each of us needs to

- acknowledge to God that we've made mistakes

- ask for forgiveness for the wrong things we've done, and

- choose to embark on a new path that avoids those things

For more detailed theological questions there are many great online resources such as:

Campus Crusade for Christ







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